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How to unblock Skype in Dubai using VPN Service

Dubai is one of the few places in the Middle East where strict Islamic laws are considerably relaxed and freedom is extended considerably. However, this is not the case when talking about the internet. The country has placed solid restrictions and limitations in internet use, especially with the current turmoil ravaging other countries in the Middle East such as in Egypt, Libya and Syria. The fear is caused not only by the moral threat the internet brings but also political dangers due to the use of anti-government parties. Because of this, ordinary people suffer from these restrictions and become alienated from the rest of the world.

This problem seems to be unsolvable during the recent years, however a solution is now being offered by VPN service.

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VPN or Virtual Private Network can help lift this restriction by changing or hiding the IP or Internet protocol Address of your computer. This works because of how the internet works. Governments are able to restrict internet access by ordering ISP (internet service providers) to restrict internet access to all computers under the IP address of the country, in this case Dubai. This means that every computer whose IP address are those designated for Dubai will be blocked from freely accessing sites on the internet. VPN works by changing or hiding the IP address so that it can pass through this restrictions and access sites blocked by the government.

People in these countries want to view websites they prefer to view and this can be done through the use of VPN services. This kind of services is not illegal, as it provides tunneling service to help bypass restrictions imposed in the country. Through this method, you can now be able to access certain social media sites, Messengers and especially Skype, which is one of the blocked services in the area.

One must just avail VPN service and pay a monthly service charge and you can know freely surf the internet to your heart’s content. People in similar countries that impose restrictions on internet use such as in other Middle Eastern countries and China are ready to embrace the effectiveness of VPN service to help them gain freedom of internet use. It is important to know that through such services, one can now have full access to the whole world, which is an incredible thing to have.