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What is the Best Way to Unblock Websites in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) imposes strict Internet censorship. But contrary to what you might know, telecom companies such as Etisalat and Du are not the ones that block sites, but rather the TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority). For most families, blocking some sites has benefits especially those sites can be harmful to their kids. Nonetheless, the filtering policy also focuses on blocking gambling and dating sites, and those that are offensive to their religion and culture.

But many believe that the policy is a bit unfair. For example, Skype has been available n UAE only in 2013. Some residents even complain that there are Wikipedia pages that are blocked in the country. This therefore led to asking, how can I unblock websites in UAE? What is the best way to do it? Below are some techniques on how you to bypass Internet censorship, especailly in UAE:

Web proxy servers

In layman’s terms, a web proxy site acts like a middle man between the Internet and your server. Your visit request will be sent to the proxy, and not directly sent to the blocked website. Proxy servers bypass all the Internet filters and you can browse the site anonymously. However, your browsing time can be slower. In addition, many schools and organizations block proxy servers and therefore cannot be considered as 100 percent reliable.

Translation services

Translation services such as Google Translate and Yahoo! Babel Fish allow you to translate a page from one language to another. Simply enter the web address (or URL) of a website to. Then, choose a language at the “Translation from” and “Translation To” fields so read the contents of that site in your chosen language. While this method is pretty easy to use, it imposes security risks. Such services usually do not apply encryption, making your connection not totally secured.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Getting a VPN account (http://vpn-account.com) is noted to be the most convenient way to open a blocked website in any country. In this method, your IP address serves as your online identity. VPN creates a well-protected tunnel between your system and the VPN server. Third parties cannot access this secured tunnel, making VPNs more secure than proxy servers and translation services.

So, if you want a more secure access to restricted sites, VPN is definitely the best idea. In fact, a lot of huge businesses and corporations are using it to protect sensitive data when linking various remote data centers. Some VPN services are free, but paid ones are better and prices are very affordable.


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