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Why Use VPN in Saudi Arabia?


Recently I read a story about a man from Saudi Arabia who was arrested by police directly in mobile phones shop for having adult materials in his laptop.

Surely, pornography is very sensitive topic all around the world. But in Gulf countries this is especially important. Any kind of adult content is strictly prohibited in the Middle East.

So somehow police found adult content in that man’s computer and post him under arrest immediately.

Lately his was released after paying a fee.

So that poor man is hiding from police during the last 9 months and he is afraid he could not leave the country now…

This is very sad situation.

I we highly recommend you using vpn as the best method of personal safely and security!

Original: http://sahrzad.net/blog/caught-with-porn-in-saudi-arabia-real-story


How to open blocked sites in Dubai 2014

If you’re now in Dubai and you want to open the blocked websites, there are many ways to do so. All these techniques are effective, but they have certain disadvantages. We all know that United Arab Emirates (UAE) has very strict Internet censorship, along with other countries in the Middle East. Dubai

The country’s TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority) has already blocked lot of sites that did not comply with their rules. So, before choosing any kind of method of unblocking those restricted sites, you must understand how it works. Then, choose the one that offers the best solution. Here are two of them:


VPN (Virtual Private Network) hides you identity and geo-location by replacing your real IP address with the new one. Therefore, you can now browse the Internet anonymously wherever you are. Depending on the VPN protocol you choose, you can enjoy a certain level of online security. The best advantage of using VPN is that your traffic is encrypted, which also hides your activities. With a trusted VPN, Dubai Internet police will see you as someone outside UAE. They will not also see what you’re doing online.


Most VPN providers today provide services to mobile devices such as iOS and Android. Many businesses in Dubai prefer VPN over the others because of its higher level of security. They allow their employees to open sensitive information through a VPN server, even if they are at home or in a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can choose either a free VPN or a paid VPN. But of course, you would prefer a premium VPN if you are a serious user. You cannot expect a free service to win against Dubai’s strict web filters.

Web Proxy

Web proxies work the same as VPNs in many ways. You are also provided with a new IP address, so you can open blocked sites in Dubai anonymously. A web proxy site serves a middle man between your server and the Internet. Your visit request will be sent to the proxy, instead of sending it directly to the restricted website. But unlike many VPNs, you don’t need additional software, which makes it easier to install and use. In some cases, a web proxy site can also be faster than VPN because of its simplicity. Internet-Censorship

However, traffic via web proxies is not encrypted just as much as in VPNs. Therefore, the level of security is very low and may not be ideal against the strict Internet filters of UAE, or any country in the Middle East for that matter. You might be able to connect at first, but you can easily be detected and blocked eventually. In fact, many schools and offices also block these proxy sites. There are also a lot of free web proxy services, but expect them to be worse than the paid ones.

Based on the comparison above, VPN is far better than web proxy in terms of unblocking sites in Dubai. In fact, VPN is the method so far. But then, choose a VPN provider that offers services and features you only need. Paid VPN services are affordable, but you still don’t want to pay for something you will not use.

Original source: Sahzrad Blog – http://sahrzad.net/blog/how-to-open-blocked-sites-in-dubai/

7 Benefits of Using VPN in Dubai

Dubai is not only known for being the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is also famous for having the tallest buildings and skyscrapers in the world. Internet censorship in Dubai as well as in the entire UAE is not as strict as other Arab countries. However, the country’s TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority) blocks a lot of sites especially those they think are offensive to their culture and belief. For the record, Skype is blocked in UAE but you can access Facebook and YouTube. Now you might ask, what is the best way to unblock sites in Dubai? The sure answer is VPN(Virtual Private Network).

VPN for Dubai

And because Dubai is now has steadily emerged as a business metro, Dubai Internet City opened its door in 2000. It is considered a business-friendly environment, but strict Internet rules are being implemented. Some people think that proxy sites work well to access blocked sites in Dubai. Although this can be true, there are tons of complaints that their proxy web servers were eventually blocked after a couple of days. On the other hand, many people in Dubai attest that VPNs are really effective. So if you want to know the many benefits of using VPN in Dubai, below are some of them.

  1. By principle, a VPN service provider will give you a new IP address. This allows you to browse the Internet anonymously, wherever you are in Dubai.
  1. Many VPN service providers provide high security levels by using advanced encryption and authentication protocols to protect the user’s data from unauthorized parties such as hackers
  1. In general, most VPNs offer lower operational costs as compared to any traditional WAN (Wide Area Network). This is why more and more businesses prefer VPN over WAN.
  1. A trusted VPN is very useful for Dubai employers who allow their employees to access sensitive information even if they are in a remote area or in a Wi-Fi zone.
  1. VPNs are designed to be scalable, which means they can grow with the business. With a reliable VPN, you can easily add a user to the network with less effort.
  1. Mobile users in Dubai can easily access restricted sites using VPN. These days, there are a lot of VPN apps to choose from. Most of them offer tight security systems against intruders.
  1. Most VPN service providers can immediately assign a new IP address once the first one was blocked. Some of them can even do it automatically and you don’t have to request them.


However, you cannot enjoy these benefits if your VPN is not so highly dependable. Some of them may not be capable in providing fast response once you need them, while others may not have fast Internet connection. These are only some of major disadvantages that you might encounter if you get a free VPN. On the other hand, paid VPNs are designed to provide better services. Most of these premium VPNs invest a lot of money to make sure that their clients will return or upgrade their membership.



Source: http://sahrzad.net/blog/top-7-benefits-of-using-vpn-in-dubai/

How to use Viber in Dubai UAE 2014

Viber may not be as popular as Facebook and Twitter, but the company says it has 200 million users worldwide as of May 2013. Launched as a free iPhone app in December 2010, Viber allows exchange of audio, video, and text messages to its users with no charge at all. And because it was designed to be a direct competitor of Skype, the application is already available for users of Android and other OS. Despite not earning revenues, Rakten acquired Viber in February 2014 for a whooping $900 million.

As of posting, Viber is blocked in UAE (United Arab Emirates). There is no official report of the exact date as to when UAE started to block Viber. But according to UAE telecom company Etisalat, Viber has been classified as an unlicensed VOIP service and was banned because it does not comply with local regulations. Viber CEO Talmon Marco says the company is now working hard so the UAE government will lift the ban. For the meantime, you can unblock Viber in UAE using VPN (Virtual Private Network – like
http://vpn-account.com/unblockviberinuae.html ).

But why use VPN instead of other methods? The answer is simple; VPN is very effective and safe in unblocking sites in UAE. VPN users are provided a new IP address, allowing them to browse sites anonymously anywhere in the world. VPNs hide your original IP address and geo-location. In addition, your web traffic is encrypted, and no third party (including hackers) can decrypt it. So, if you will use Viber in UAE, local Internet police will see you as someone outside the country.

UAE’s TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority) is responsible for blocking sites and is very strict. The government started to implement a new cybercrime law by the end of 2012, and violators may be deported or jailed. This is the main reason why you should be careful in choosing the right VPN service provider. There might be some free VPNs that can provide reliable services, but do you think a free service is good enough to protect you against the harsh rules of UAE? We don’t think so.

But still, not all paid VPNs are the same. Before you choose one, be sure that you understand their limitations. If UAE decided to block your VPN address, your VPN service provider should be able to act fast and immediately assign a new VPN address to you. A good premium VPN is the one that can connect you to Viber and other restricted sites in UAE without any interruption. Finally, pick the one that provides fast technical support and excellent customer service.

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Source: http://vpn-account.com/blog/articles/16/unblock-viber-in-uae-using-vpn

What is the Best Way to Unblock Websites in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) imposes strict Internet censorship. But contrary to what you might know, telecom companies such as Etisalat and Du are not the ones that block sites, but rather the TRA (Telecom Regulatory Authority). For most families, blocking some sites has benefits especially those sites can be harmful to their kids. Nonetheless, the filtering policy also focuses on blocking gambling and dating sites, and those that are offensive to their religion and culture.

But many believe that the policy is a bit unfair. For example, Skype has been available n UAE only in 2013. Some residents even complain that there are Wikipedia pages that are blocked in the country. This therefore led to asking, how can I unblock websites in UAE? What is the best way to do it? Below are some techniques on how you to bypass Internet censorship, especailly in UAE:

Web proxy servers

In layman’s terms, a web proxy site acts like a middle man between the Internet and your server. Your visit request will be sent to the proxy, and not directly sent to the blocked website. Proxy servers bypass all the Internet filters and you can browse the site anonymously. However, your browsing time can be slower. In addition, many schools and organizations block proxy servers and therefore cannot be considered as 100 percent reliable.

Translation services

Translation services such as Google Translate and Yahoo! Babel Fish allow you to translate a page from one language to another. Simply enter the web address (or URL) of a website to. Then, choose a language at the “Translation from” and “Translation To” fields so read the contents of that site in your chosen language. While this method is pretty easy to use, it imposes security risks. Such services usually do not apply encryption, making your connection not totally secured.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Getting a VPN account (http://vpn-account.com) is noted to be the most convenient way to open a blocked website in any country. In this method, your IP address serves as your online identity. VPN creates a well-protected tunnel between your system and the VPN server. Third parties cannot access this secured tunnel, making VPNs more secure than proxy servers and translation services.

So, if you want a more secure access to restricted sites, VPN is definitely the best idea. In fact, a lot of huge businesses and corporations are using it to protect sensitive data when linking various remote data centers. Some VPN services are free, but paid ones are better and prices are very affordable.


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Source: http://vpn-account.com/blog/articles/3/what-is-the-best-way-to-unblock-websites-in-uae

How to unblock Skype in Dubai using VPN Service

Dubai is one of the few places in the Middle East where strict Islamic laws are considerably relaxed and freedom is extended considerably. However, this is not the case when talking about the internet. The country has placed solid restrictions and limitations in internet use, especially with the current turmoil ravaging other countries in the Middle East such as in Egypt, Libya and Syria. The fear is caused not only by the moral threat the internet brings but also political dangers due to the use of anti-government parties. Because of this, ordinary people suffer from these restrictions and become alienated from the rest of the world.

This problem seems to be unsolvable during the recent years, however a solution is now being offered by VPN service.

Unblock Skype with VPN Account – http://vpn-account.com

VPN or Virtual Private Network can help lift this restriction by changing or hiding the IP or Internet protocol Address of your computer. This works because of how the internet works. Governments are able to restrict internet access by ordering ISP (internet service providers) to restrict internet access to all computers under the IP address of the country, in this case Dubai. This means that every computer whose IP address are those designated for Dubai will be blocked from freely accessing sites on the internet. VPN works by changing or hiding the IP address so that it can pass through this restrictions and access sites blocked by the government.

People in these countries want to view websites they prefer to view and this can be done through the use of VPN services. This kind of services is not illegal, as it provides tunneling service to help bypass restrictions imposed in the country. Through this method, you can now be able to access certain social media sites, Messengers and especially Skype, which is one of the blocked services in the area.

One must just avail VPN service and pay a monthly service charge and you can know freely surf the internet to your heart’s content. People in similar countries that impose restrictions on internet use such as in other Middle Eastern countries and China are ready to embrace the effectiveness of VPN service to help them gain freedom of internet use. It is important to know that through such services, one can now have full access to the whole world, which is an incredible thing to have.

Unblock Skype on iPhone in UAE Dubai

Unblock Skype in Dubai

Unblock Skype in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist city in the United Arab Emirates and in the world today. It is famous for wonderful and fantastic buildings andthis is the richest city in Asia.

A great volume of people from different points of the Earth fly Dubai every season. Some of them visit Dubai for fun while others –  for business. Dubai is a modern business and financial centre today. Communications and Internet are undivided part of modern life.

Internet is a major feature in business life today. Internet connection is available almost everywhere in Dubai. However strong Internet restrictions and web filters in the UAE limit an access to global network.

Lot of sites and services are blocked in Dubai. Skype and Voip are blocked as well. This is very inconvenient for those to come to Dubai for a vacation or on business. People cannot call their family and friends by Skype.

How to unblock Skype on your iPhone in Dubai 2012?

One of the best ways to unblock Skype in Dubai is VPN account.

This is special secured virtual tunnel between you and vpn server. It hides your real IP address so help to unblock Skype in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and others emirates.

Many people go to the Internet and use Skype from their iPhones and only some of them know that public Wi-Fi networks are unsafe and not secure.

Vpn account keep your personal and business data protected that is very important if you go to the Internet in public Wi-Fi networks. With personal vpn you can access blocked Skype in Dubai, bypass web filters and open blocked sites in UAE.

VPN can be used on PC, Mac, iphone, ipad, ipod touch, xbox, PS3 and others devices.
It is easy to setup a vpn connection and unblock websites in UAE, bypass Internet filters, use Skype in Dubai for easy and cheap communications.

iPhone VPN for UAE

iPhone VPN

iPhone VPN in UAE

Several decades ago Internet appears in our life and since then it became an essential part of it. Every day number of people who use internet increases. We connect to the global network to read interesting news, to find information, to communicate with our friends, customers or relatives, to control business and just to have fun. It is impossible to list everything we do in the Internet.

Previously only computer can be used to go to the Internet and this was rather a luxury than everyday necessity. Things change. Today in you can go on-line from schools and offices, cafes, hotels and others public places.

Of course, it would be bothering to have you PC with you so Apple company created perfect mobile devices like iPhone,  ipad, iPod touch. You can keep your iPhone with you wherever you go. We connect to the Internet using any Wi-fi network.

This is marvelous opportunity but also a big risk. Public Wi-Fi networks we use on iPhone are very dangerous and unsecure because it is very easy to intercept your data. If you want to protect your security and privacy you must care about this and iPhone vpn http://vpn-account.com/iphonevpn.html is the best solution.

VPN for iPhone is a virtual secured encrypted channel insides general unsafe connection. It lets to hide real IP address and your location and in such way bypass ip blocks and most of web filters. IPhone vpn also codes all your traffic so you are in the Internet.

iPhone vpn is essential in countries with srtong Internet censorship like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Belize, China and others because it lets to access blocked sites and keep your Internet privacy under control.

VPN for UAE is the best way to:

  • Unblock facebook in UAE
  • Use Skype and Voip in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  • Bypass web limits and Internet filters
  • Download torrents safe and anonymous.
  • Access any restricted website
  • Mask your IP address and location
  • Get USA, Canada or European IP address
  • Play on-line games
  • Keep your personal and business data safe and protected

So with iPhone vpn you are completely free and private on-line.

However you must understand that vpn service does not let you to do any illegal action like spam, scan and others prohibited activity.

It you can have question about vpn please contact us and we will answer any your question.